miniver 1)If it is there, everything else must be there also.
2)Let it be assumed it is there.
3)Therefore, everything else must be there also.

Assumably, perhapsedly.
Or maybe yet prosylogistically,
and even entirely unrelatedly.
god random precision 011030
freakizh this was the first thing is ever read on blather. after reading it, i got scared and ran away.

later, i came back and here i am, come to me, here i am, come to meee..
freakizh i stole this one from myself in "cheese" blather.

a cheese. cheese with holes. rockefort?
if you have more cheese, then you'll have more holes.
every hole uses the space of where its supposed to have cheese.
so, with more holes, less cheese.
with more cheese more holes and more holes means less cheese.
therefore, with more cheese you have less cheese.
. love is blind
god is love
ray charles is blind
ray charles is god
User24 lol@freakizh, that's a convincing argument.. 031014
once again up is the opposite of down
what is up
what is the opposite of down
what's it to you?
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