hoodrat this. this plan of mine is slipping.

there was once a place where i used to live. i'll tell you this, living in Wisconsin certainly wasn't as bad as i thought. went to college at UW-Stout in Menomonie. a small town with more bars than resturants (around 15). when i lived there it was like hell. now hell is here in kentucky. Anyways...there is a point. that place had to be the biggest influence on the story_of_me. i'm sure that it could have been the whole college experience. the atmosphere (for god's sake, i grew up in iowa) it was a place where i learned to drink. to appreciate the outdoors. it was a place where i found my true friends.
silentbob Hoodrat:
i grew up in iowa too
freakizh like the sweetest part
filled with you
"Such a" Man Outside. It's gorgeous. 080905
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