stork daddy holier than thou art. the only sophisticated thing to do is kill yourself. if you aren't going to do that, just let everyone else get what they can from life, even if it can't possibly be as much as you're getting. it's always comforting for me to know that no matter how much another person thinks they know, they don't know exactly what i'm thinking, and i know they know it. 040213
a thimble in time What a beautiful thought. 040214
Not the Daddy Really? 040214
The Unexpected it's never the relative sophistication that is the problem but the incipient pretensiousness that sometimes follows

the notion of "acquired taste" (caviar is a brilliant example... the alleged sophistication involved in the enjoyment of eating overpriced bait) is the subjugation of the obvious.

to shake things up just a bit, it is always fun to enjoy the allegedly banal as well as the allegedly refined.

my bookshelf is equal parts literature, pulp, and pornography.

i see no great dichotomy in attending what would be regarded as a sublime cultural event one day followed by a gritty, sleazy club concert or sporting event
The Unspoken i could go on,
but i'll settle for an economy of words here.
what's it to you?
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