kx21 Smileon: The elementary particle of Smile...

Is it Male or female?

Or more precisely,

Fermion or Boson?

What is the origin of smileons?

Any Good_point or Q_As?
Photophobe There are too many types of smiles, some female some male. Some lie in between.

How do you seperate the overtones here, and leave only the smileon?

Look at a smile too long and it is destroyed. Just look at candid shots: Posed smiles look better on film than in life and real smiles look crap on film.

The act of observing the smileon, like many small particles, changes it.
paste! i'd consider them highly Fermion, unless their camoflauged 1.5 piles bounce out through the burning and frazzle the handicappers' task of joining sides, picking through layers. in other words, smileons, though seemingly conquesting and nomadic, always lump together in unequal piles and that's fresh in the new jive manner of speech. 020321
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