Thyartshallshant Incubus fucking rocks and you fucking know it. 010104
twiggie yes i do. 010105
ass facely thomas dolby fucking rocks, too!
(in a geeky, english sort of way)
John Flansburgh I will kiss the girl from Venus 010611
firefly effect brandon is an absolute sex god. 010811
black-dyed gel product ok, ok, I guess I'LL be the asshole here. Here goes: ARG, I've been listening to them sine way before they were big!

See, I'm the asshole, that's ok, I would never eat at this restaurant anyway.
firefly effect actually, I know what you mean....personally, I love all the old incubus songs, even more so than the newer stuff...but then again, Brandon can't go wrong... 010813
monee this was just the third word in three_words

e_v_e_r_y__l_i_f_e__i_s__i_m_p_o_r_t_a_n_t was the second

and weak was the first
what's it to you?
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