Tess now that i'm royally confused
i think it's time for some work.

be well, do good work, and keep in touch
(in that order).
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tourist A Myth of Divine Sanction Surrounding A Cult Of Inbeeding Control Fetishists.
Can't Argue With That.

The Real Question Arises In It's Origin. Was It The Wisdom Of The King, Or The Ignorance Of The Masses?

Get Some Priests And Bully-Boys To Back You Up, A Few Lucky Guesses and Some Sleight Of Hand And You're In Business!
Sapph he called her a
but she was a ho

I loved him with
my soul

but was asked to go

I kept
my scruples

I kept the faith

I gave him to God

far from him

I wait

are exalted

and poor men are kings

and real love and ladies
get crushed
so it seems

by sincere
young women
and wives with feelings

and lying young girls

and butterfly wings
what's it to you?
who go