twiggie is what i say. 010101
birdmad and rrar! is what i say sometimes (except when i make that animal/human/ jet engine sound which is actually two sounds at once but produces a harmonic effect that sounds like a third noise underneath, best when made in big warehouses...i can't spell what that noise sounds like) 010102
twiggie you lost me there. 010102
pipedream i say rowr too! but more in a cat way, like a 'he-lloo handsome' kind of cat purr...hehehe..sometimes like raaaaaarrrrrrr when im frustrated with something, but that sounds more like starting a lawnmower :) 030602
Syrope i prefer


i miss you jeremy
TK someone brought it to my attention that it's the sound I make when yawning, haddent really noticed before then and now I try to make a conscious effort not to do that anymore bc they said it was "Cute" and I'm so tired of that label. 081009
what's it to you?
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