Q Wisdom for the day: Reloads are the essence of three_words and word_triad. 000914
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(but i've already proven this, haven't I? if you find an oracle, more power to you. and also, no big deal. they've been around forever. )

My argument for three_words and word_triad follows:

Certainly, lots of three word combinations might seem meaningful, even when they are picked completely randomly. However, if three_words seem particularly meaningful, as in they relate to events in your life, or thoughts on your mind, then this casts doubt on the assumption that they are random. It seems to be synchronicity. Synchronicity is known, but not understood. I would not go so far as saying that synchronicity is its "essence", though. I just don't know.

And, aside from any sort of weirdness, random combinations of words can be interesting enough, and I think this has been shown too.
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