werewolf There beneath my ribs is a quickening,
your breath, my breath,
i cannot remember.
My memory is a burning rope
and its heat has expanded
beyond me.
Your mammal hands extend
to a scraping of feathers
and lightning all the same,
lighting all those turns
that aren't yet me,
that rest and wait to settle
into me. You have grabbed
them and changed them like
a goddess, hiding in the thrushes
as a sound just a sound,
yes you could do that,
you have so many times,
I've felt your lips in a bird's song-
just a song with no notes but
for the one i've given,
an unfounded kiss,
a mirror longing to be
a door.
Sailor Jupiter The coolie lightening strike thing that transfers and immortal's powers to whoever kills him/her. There can be only one. Bwahaha...I am such a nerd. 020507
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