stork daddy increases and decreases inversely to kinetic energy in a system.

or does it?
ClairE The first concept I was introduced to that I was immediately disgusted with. I was in fourth grade. An eight_year_old sitting fuming, hooking wires to batteries and filling out worksheets. There's just got to be a better way to explain it. 031126
x potential energy is a theoretical concept, which by definition is equal and opposite to kinetic energy. 031126
stork daddy true. but what of the system? what of it as a theoretical concept? 031201
Lemon_Soda Theory just means not enough people agree with you. 031201
zeke i remember deciding that cold was not a force unto itself but rather negative heat or rather a localized ambient heat gradient. i was 9 and was thinking through many of my asumptions. it was in this context that i first really thought about a concept akin to potential energy. thinking about the transfer of energy in a dynamic gradient system forced me to think about where energy is at any given time and how it moves. potential energy seems to me to act in a curve which never actually reaches absolute zero or absolute 100. singularities (in real space time) don't exist. 031211
() (energy potential) 050206
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