silentbob Polish Rapper Under Fire For Use Of The Word 'Polack'
DETROIT MC Krakow, a popular Detroit-based rapper of Polish descent, came under fire Tuesday for his use of the word 'Polack' on his new album World Warsaw III. "When MC Krakow casually uses the P-word, it dredges up decades of hurtful portrayals and cruel jokes for our people," said Sandy Serwacki, president of the Polish Anti-Defamation Society. "In just the song 'Ten-Inch Pierogie' alone, he uses the word 27 times." In an official statement, MC Krakow defended his use of the word: "When I say, 'Y'all be my Polacks,' or 'Yo, what up, Polack?,' it's my way of taking the word back. Our people need to re-claim and embrace 'Polack' with pride, just like Eminem did with the word 'faggot.'"
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jewish negro why do the polish have such beautiful noses?

cuz they're hand-picked

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Sailor Jupiter I'm 50% Polish and I have a big ugly nose. =P But it reserves me the right to tell Polack jokes...oh my poor ancestors... 011213
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