paste! they have this tree where you can get over the worst kind of debilitation, but they never tell you that it lost it's ability to do that which it's famous for way back in the 1830's, when John Wayne was making films. 011216
paste! its its cheez its, better cheddars, its its baco whips and parsley snaps and rocky road wombat cakes. 011216
paste! every so often, i sharpen the blantoro with a sturdy limestone and negative shades of bleachwater, until it gets that sheen that you only see in the eyes of a deranged hungry battering ram as it peers into your tent thinking about the better days when the rocks were a gentle tread and there was plenty of grass to chew on. you see, reaching that level of sheen and sharpness with the blantoro takes a lifetime of dedication and plenty of full-on ingestion of carbonated_applesauce. Charlie Sheen was last seen in the mountains. 020417
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