silentbob its a yellow envelope adressed to startfires at her parents house. inside is a tape, a letter, a patch, some stickers, and other such goodies.
Get ready for greatness erin.
COLDandBLUEkitty if i remember correctly (i failed spanish twice.. so gimme a break if i'm wrong)

tu es mucho grande el packete(-that's spelled incorrectly)
is you have a very large packege

tu es mucho peqeno el packete
is you have a very small package

yo soy es mucho peqeno el packete
is i ahve a very small package

just in case you ever wanted to know
Teddybear when the package is opened on christmas you find a new ranger dan action figure. the first time you play with it it breaks. damn the corporate ass holes. 010404
. Varicocele 080725
what's it to you?
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