Brad Something truly wonderful... take it seriously and it will make your evening... several times over. (that's the understatement of the year, by the way). I could be convinced that Opera is what music is all about... and i'm a jazz musician. 000427
jennifer Puccini's Tosca
I saw it with the theatre
and got to sit next to greg
and fight over who wore his glasses
to be able to see the stage
and at first intermission
we ran back to the theatre
and I almost beat Jerry
in a dress and heels

I wish I had known Italian, though
*nicole* arepo 000809
heel turn Mefistofele

mmm, now there's a lovely bit of work.

the tale of Faust as set to an opera

seen it twice but i'll be goddamned (ironically enough) if i can remember the composer
ducky Arrigo Boito 000810
User24 saw carmen last year.
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