silentbob i mean forever 040331
Lemon_Soda The big L has become part of my life. Every emotion seems so much more distinct and impactful. Is like I always thought Love should be, not the baser attachment of my flesh, the social needs of my ego, or even the stimulating reterict my mind calls for. It goes above.

I"m so happy in this place. Thankyou, my lady.
ethereal rain man. 040331
misstree fuck you.
this is difficult enough.
why did it have to come
just as my foot was passing throught the trap? fuck you and big_momma too.
Lint Lover I feel like I should be apologizing for this because it feels so desperate and lonely and sad. Oh god, I do love you and I am so very sorry for that 040529
what's it to you?
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