Tormentor nothing matters, I dont't know why you complain of loves lost or things gone by. There is nothing. Nothingnes everything and that is eveything. We must all accept what comes to us and take what pleasure from it that we may. We be depressed for our losses, let us reach out and take what we meay. Destroy the world with our desires and let the world judge us as it may. Fuck the others, let them rot in their hidden promiscuities and fail to grasp our needs from within the safety of their "closet". We alone will know the true pleasure of life and grasp it in it's fulletst. Agree or Disagree? Email me. 050306
andru235 life can seem quite meaningless
and surely it can seem a mess

but then, there is that fact bizarre
something exists, cuz there you are
what's it to you?
who go