ferdenan it's whrn your cheeks get squeezed~ 070613
ferdenan as a result for speaking nonwords 070613
misstree there's one now
making me
all over
what i wanted to say

there goes my dignity
and there goes my language
and what next?
my self is still in there, right?
unhinged i get them a lot when i'm teaching and i'll make a weird blahblahblah with my tongue and voice to spit it out so i can say what i really wanted to say and my students often look at me weird. or smile. or laugh. most of them are pretty comfortable with the fact that i'm a weirdo now though. heh. 070614
mr song squeeze jaws 070621
why ? why ?

i'm scared of them.
mr song whats so scarry about mouth potatoes... PO_TA_TOES!! 070621
sadfasdfsa po_ta_toes asdfhkqjfasdgfjkag 070621
sabloomingloft my name gives me mouth potatoes 070621
flowerock whaaaaat potatoes? I don't understand "mouth potatoes". 140704
what's it to you?
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