typhoid "Ron?" Bootsteps approached, and Ron, a large athletic U. S. Marshal, unlocked. "Ron, are you cleared for nonjudicial motivation?" 000623
lokkust "Motivation of what? For chrissakes I've watched the same goddamn television shows my whole life and now you say I should try something new? Is that what you're telling me? Coz if it is buddy, I've got a problem that I think will not get resolved anytime soon. Not with such short notice. Anyhow..." -- Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis and Michael Dukakis; "riding the ponies" for charity. 000629
Mesdup it builds up inside me. one day i want to do nothing but stare at walls. the next day i want to paint them (nicer to look at). next, i want to hang a picture. then i'm out doing who knows what and where. i'm starting to question if motivation is really a good thing. 030917
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