Death of a Rose a stretched moment anew. 040309
Soma Everywhere around me, during these years, I saw the evidence of an incalculable ruin and suffering. My own people, the members of my own family, had been ruined, had lost all the material wealth and accumulation of a lifetime in what was called the depression. And that universal calamity had somehow struck the life of almost every one I knew. Moreover, in this endless quest and probing of the night through the great web and jungle of the city, I saw, lived, felt, and experienced the full weight of that horrible human calamity. I saw a man whose life had subsided into a mass of shapeless and filthy rags, devoured by vermin; wretches huddled together for a little warmth in freezing cold squatting in doorless closets upon the foul seat of a public latrine within the very shadow, the cold shelter of palatial and stupendous monuments of wealth. I saw acts of sickening violence and cruelty, the menace of brute privilege, a cruel and corrupt authority trampling ruthlessly below its feet the lives of the poor, the weak, the wretched, and defenseless of the earth. -Wolfe 121107
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