yup thats me. yummy oh the sad unpoetry of it all

have i left my door open 0...00000(that was a word from the cat)
the door to my very soul
oh the bleak future i see for my soul
sad blue soul number 211
have i again left it all open for
the dreary world to observe and
o woe
woe woe

o woe is me
please o please
lock it up and through away the cheese..

and turn off the light before you leave
acuhymen The light went off
the door closed
Little boy blue
took barbra anne's hand

bar barbra anne
took micahs hands
making him whine
and slapped on his thighs

and now all we do
is sit and demand

please let me go

booga booga bi-ottle neck dolphin
many names typhoid. a random person that for some reason became not random. maybe it was more fiction, like everything. that's over now... if i could write, i would write the epilogue to adventure and romance. 001225
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