oren There's this dude at work named Marvin.

Everyone calls him Marvelous_Marvin.

I think the reason they call him that is because he is never without a_fantastical_story.

The only problem is that his stories go on a little too long. Well, actually, they go on_and_on and on_and_on until the listener's ears start to bleed.

We still love him though.
andru235 kukri lurved her words
in the direction of mcBrill
and everyone liked it

but later, kukri
- ah, kukri of the mahogany shelves
kukri, of the titanium feathers, -
later, kukri lurved a phrase
that riled the mcBrill child

she saw him gazing out the window
"marvelous", he muttered shoutingly,
so then she walked up
and kicked his shin
saying, "you are filled with bizzility"

his anger, he said,
was at having been kicked,
not a result of the words she picked

but kukri knew!
ah, sweet kukri, of the grassy canasta
kukri, bearer of the gelatinous monopol
what's it to you?
who go