mtv sucks where the fuck did it go? 010823
unhinged that show was just as insipid and stupid as the rest of the bullshit they play on that channel. at first it started out giving good advice on common sexual problems and then it turned into a sexual freak's sideshow. that's all mtv is anyways; a sideshow. 010823
pink i in love with my society boy but i do not know whether is as the same feelings or not. but i do not known how to know whether he loves me or not. whenever we met tlks about my elder brother who is his friend. but i think he also has the same feelings by the way he looks. 040304
Time of Death ________/\_______/\______/\_____/\______/\__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 040305
Ouroboros why yes, i did in fact call in this evening 070123
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