Caty No, not that fifth note, not an acronym. But a local usage of language, which seems superfluous. Yet so essential. Hard to grasp but everywhere. Like air, defying definition... tack it on at ends of sentences, in the middle. Yet requires months of practice to sound natural.
caty oh dear, I have been so tardy. I capitalised myself :( But this is me, rectifying it I hope lah. 981006
nameless ti ti ta ti ta

if you'll get into a box and tie it in a rope then I'll put you in my closet.

and if you'll get into bed and put on your shoes then we're gonna have to wash the sheets.

lah lah lah lah

in a few years when we'll be old we'll go to sweden. Will you give me a kiss then too?

in a few years when we'll be old you'll buy me strawberries. Will I be your girl then too?

if you'll buy me a ring I will never take it off, not even when I shower.

and if you'll see someday that the ring is not on my finger just know that it's because you've bought me a bracelet.
what's it to you?
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