god what heated debate will follow? 011015
ring announcer satan bring on the cactus

winer goes on to meet the survivor of the our other musical mismatch
kenny loggins i am good can shave and reveal my face! not many people can do that. i can also sing falsetto for extended periods of time without getting headaches. checkadekah, checkadekah! 011016
Dafremen Kenny Loggins never sto0ped to wearing a black and yellow "bumblebee" jumpsuit nor did he tease his hair to all-you-can-eat-spaghetti-plate proportions.

It is for this reason alone that I can't help but find that stryper were the superior entertainers. I laughed so hard on more than one occasion, that I pissed my pants and had to wring out my socks. Now THAT's entertainment.
Teenage Jesus By shere numbers alone, stryper wins (in spite of the school-marm jesus they worship.) 011030
bloody potato chip but what about the days before "danger zone" 011204
kenny loggins that's why i made reference to "This Is It" in my previous statement. 011204
tonya stryper_upon_cactus 020115
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