typhoid there is no such thing as a stupid late hour, davy.
all late hours a beautiful and bright and shiny
the only time when things really happen
shinya onna Dreamt a millions moons sweeping across the skies. A lotus flower well endowed above her cresent perot doll eyes... 000822
TalviFatin ivory keys, plunk plunk tap tap...turning yellow, brittle, and dry with the music resounding from them. 011105
kipper Her face, her fingers, the small of her back, all. Until, in passion and flushed with blood they become alive.. 041209
suicidalchinadoll yellowed and cracked
the music is still beautiful, but the ivories draw blood from the fingers of those who cannot feel the pain running..
Shinnokxz white gold son! 061207
what's it to you?
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