phil to be without a definite reason 020201
megan that thing that takes control of you when all else seems irrelevent, and without cause... that thing that drives you when you're deeply in love, or are driven with a hatred like no other. it's what makes up the human race, the illogistics, the magnitude of soemthing so great and grand, and yet so simple and unworthy. 021104
kss staying drunk for 4 days in a row 021104
Coelti That I should have a crush on you after hating you for so many years.
You're my ENEMY! What are you doing in my heart?!
skye is teachers so often.
but more importantly it's when the coincidences don't make sense and the most amazing feeling blossoms.
Syrope we finally had that talk today. 6 months later, almost to the day. too bad i was the only one in the room when it happened. 071030
what's it to you?
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