in a silent way who would i be? 130201
in a silent way what would i see? 130202
D I've done it many times,
stared over my shoulder looking back at me,
a life is what i viewed,
a template life.

i am not walking ever again.

FA113N I walked away from myself once.

I am an entirely different person to who I once was. To the extent that I call her Old_Me or The_Bitch_Who_Used_To_Wear_My_Face.

I have changed. I went through years of therapy, went to university, did charity work, changed my life, my friends, my goals, my values... Everything.

But still, I can't walk away from old me. She still has the unnerving ability to fuck with my life.

Plus we have similar taste in women.
what's it to you?
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