somebody Were seperate people in your head, well, all blather people exsist only in your head.

Therefore, Fyn Gula and Farmfish are still alive somewhere
girl_jane Don't forget frAnk... 030921
not just another name some blather people continue the pretense outside of the blue page. things get sticky. lies get told. 030921
names dont matter words do http://blather.newdream.net/red/t/the_truth_about_fyngula_farmfish_and_frank.html

I dont think it mattered that they are the same person.

Because to all of us, they were three seperate people.

The three personalities are bigger than one man sitting behind a computer screen somewhere.

Fyn is still the craftsman with words.
Farmfish is still just as human as he was.
FrAnk is still just as wise.

It doesn't matter to me.
kinkazoid monet_on_bartlett 031101
log burning fire the ghosts of fyn gula, frAnk, and farmfish make viitations with
this should be rillian,
shadow le crowl, and blumengarten(monet on bartlett in redblather
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