casey i go to the richest catholic schools. we have beaches and daddy bought horses so we could ride the on the beach. anyway daddy just bought me a pink hummer. hummers dont even come in pink but he paid extra money for it. im sooo lucky and rich 040515
once again I work at the drive through teller and there is a lady who drives through in a large yellow Hummer. I remember the first week I worked there some one announced, "Here comes the hummer lady."

And for some reason, my inherently impure mind came to a screeching halt and I turned, "you CALL her THAT?"
lizzy ahahahaaaaa.... hahahahaaaa...
that was FUNNY!!
but thats exactly what i woulda thought too.....
teeee heeeee
toooo funny....
freeway blogger Series of signs on the side of a freeway:

*"Real soldiers are dying in their hummers..."

**"So you can play soldier in yours"

***"10 miles per gallon/2 soliers per day"
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