tazfab "carnitas has beautiful hooves" -summer 001117
satan cloven

see my prints climbing your walls

up and down throughout the snow

see my red eyes shining in the night

looming large from your windows as you trudge through the night
MaryJane it is painful to be trampled by a horse. 001124
gwyllynne I've often wondered what it would be like to have hooves for feet.......or to meet Pan and the nymphs and giggle in the cool clear water. 001125
god it's like going to the mall 030417
pipedream um technically a horse will never trample you if you fall off it 031007
misstree i often feel as if i do have hooves... particularly when wearing heeled boots, pressing feet into form and making my legs tilt that strange way, a distinct clip clip when i walk. i pick my way through obstacles like a goat, and dance on my toes, i chase pan in the woods and ghosts in the streets. 031008
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