bane at times i get the definite impression that my dog despises me. he raises his eyebrows and wags his tail on occassion when he takes the time to notice me but i think that's just because he sees an opportunity to do me injustice. he uses my bedroom as his own private lavatory. sometimes he's even courteous enough to wipe before exiting. i tried to explain to him that he shouldn't do such things. that's not what civilized beings do. i don't leave that on his bed. but once the precedent was set, the habit proved impossible to break. at times i can almost feel his eyes penetrating through the back of my skull. i get the distinct impression that while walking he tries to lose me in the subdivision and go home. but for all that it's worth i still love him. 000124
birdmad for punishment 000824
dogvet loochs ecneidebe god... [oop typing backward again] dog obedience school! 020524
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