translucent / Subterranean Visions no more translucent.

now i shall be:
Subterranean Visions
Alexander Beetle If you wear the same clothes for too long, they start to itch, so you have to change into new ones and clean the old ones before you can wear them again.

I wore this outfit for quite a while before I realized this. Now here it is again, fluffy and smelling of fabric softener. How long do you suppose it'll last?
sheryl you couldn't have done it without the fuck you all part? 011028
distorted tendencies But why the name change? 011028
Subterranean Visions for the hell of it. shits and giggles. 011029
Toxic_Kisses "fuck_you_all..."
Wow that's rather ambitious of you, but hay, may I be the first you fuck?

No, I'm just kidding, I just think it's rather rude of you to say "all" seeing az how some ppl (such az myself) DID actually give some suggestions for your name change.
Subterranean Visions well then i appologize. fuck most of you. 011030
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