Oh, the state of subdivided cruelty.
A lot to laugh, the misery of conditions,
Which teach us that the mighty sword will lop me from contact with you...
You are the All-arms of the Mother whom I forgot...
Without you; a lack of emptiness; most terrible of all strains.
NOW, the terror mounts, the re-built garden is under fire...
Will home hold fast by it's golden hair?
Strenuous over the abyss, holding our peace, we wait for re-constitution....
petit potiron The world is coming apart,
Madness in the skies,
Yelling across borders,
Suspicion among neighbours.

We are falling apart,
Pieces that once fit together,
Widening rifts in a breaking whole,
Our fingertips sliding past.
I used to say I love you.
I know I did. I know I did.

I too am fragmenting,
I feel it.
Like a cookie dunked in milk,
Like a glass, after the flashing arc,
Impacts the kitchen tiles.
Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?
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