typhoid oh, that was so worth it ;)
i just told someone that i would give them a dollar if they ate a tablespoon of this ;)
no, it doesnt count if you spit it out everywhere ;)
di luce When I was little I took big handfuls of flour and squeezed them in my hand. My mom used it to bake things in our tiny, stuffy kitchen. I remember that drafty house. And I remember the flour in my hands. 030210
no reason i like that image 030210
randomly recent used to love playing with wet flour - it goes hard when you squeeze it, but soggy again when you let go. used to fascinate me.

Tropylium raw material can be what you make of it

tho some materials are rawer than others

white supremacy is not the answer

rye is your friend, too
what's it to you?
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