frippy Chances are the egotist you grind your teeth over is merely self-confident and you're simply jealous. You hate your pitiful, slobbish, loser self, why can't they do the same? Where do they get off giving themselves credit where credit is due? Who do they think they are to evade self-loathing and poor self-images? Damn them!

But, on the other hand, if he is an egotist, you can rest assured that he may be too busy telling others about every sparkling inch of his self to say anything about you.

It's not worth the trouble to actively hate an egotist. Chances are they'll turn your venom back on the easiest target: you. "Are you sure you hate me because I love myself or do you merely envy me because you don't love yourself?"
Bespeckled I doubt an egoist would care enough to bother asking.

Maybe an egotist might, but I've never met one.
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