typhoid i see you
standing in your underwear
in the kitchen...
amy shut up! ;) 000316
amy hmhm, ahah i can see it. but you see i really was... in my kitchen... 000316
Sparticus myself. god. christ. the spirit. the word. love. her. him. everyone. the world. light

i was not wrong, but i was not right

i did good, but this is better by the infinity measured only by depths of boundless love

i was proud, and had to be humbled

i was led, and so i found

i found, and i discovered

amen. thank you, o, thank you for this
nomme all my life i have been
facing new days
nothing static
mrhookah what i thought was an empty pack was packed full of weed 040107
sisyphus that the great big nothing really was a great big nothing and that great big nothings can be hilly and light and still nothing at all. 070727
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