daxle "have you ever had a crumpet?"
"yeah! HELL yeah!"
camille I've never had a crumpet.. I know it is edible ...Is it good? please describe the delicacy. 000208
grendel not unlike a biscuit
smaller, slightly sweet
generally with a dollop of jam inside

best eaten with tea
HungryForEngerlishFodderTank no, no, no, nooooooo. crumpets are kinda like engerlish muffins and they are all holey on the top and should be toasted and then buttered and jammed. they are vunderbar things and i miss them so. i am considering starting an import business, whereby my sole products would be crumpets, twiglets, marmite and prawn cocktail crisps. mmmmm, yum, yum... 000915
grendel sorry...i was thinking of scones...

mmmm buttered scones with tea

("'cause i'm a lumberjack
and i'm Okay...")
emmi In the UK, "crumpet" has been used since 1936 as a slang term for a woman (or, more recently, a man) regarded as an object of sexual desire. This slang usage also has vulgar applications, as it is sometimes used to describe female genitalia. Historically "Crumpet" has also been used as a non-sexual term of endearment. (wikipedia) 060630
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