Krimilda i don't want to start with the words: i feel... maybe the right words are: i fell, but that's not really what's happening... i'm not falling but crawling into a dark hole where i want to spend some time, by myself, smelling the air that surrounds me, starting to recognize my face in the dark and the temperature of my hands, listening to my voice and undersating i don't have to wait for another voice to calm me in the night, for my voice is the only voice i'll have to live with for the rest of my life in this hole... 020907
silentbob fell_in_love_with_a_girl 020908
what_are_words_for don't crawl into the hole
fix the hole
it will keep your mind from wandering
unhinged sounds so appealing to me 030302
nom "i wonder what's down there" 070107
what's it to you?
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