gja the right answer 070528
qef huh ?
what you on ?

try your cleverest trick.
gja look: no hands 070528
:-D we don't always need spoons or hands ! 070528
unhinged if you aren't going to be direct about it, i'll just pretend like a don't know what you're after 070528
qef huh !

direct !

i don't speak french u know !

this is plain english !

you wouldn't want to play cards with me because you know that i will win !
hsg long, deep, focused exhalations.
as th e mbe r espond s lowl y ou gh to increase the ra te stin g ent le aves & tinder.
In_Bloom "...Counting and breathing, disappearing in the Fade..." 081110
what's it to you?
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