notcrass man i hate being busted. Makes me wanna flarkle someone. 000126
marjorie people use to see "geez..." a lot and "awww man.." and things like that. they go with busted. "sheesh" is another one. let's not forget "argh" and "oh dear" 000614
Teenage Jesus If one would only take a little extra time to cover the trax. tsk tsk 020711
myriadmoods busted, going down, sick again, cops coming, when the ambulance should! help, i can't shut up, i am manicy and pissed off! cops don't like the manics, we always piss them off with the truth. please officer don't hit me again, I may have to sue you this time! 040112
rob thomas "Don't wear my heart on your sleeve like a highschool letter..." 040112
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