werewolf at the passion of the christ, people actually went into the movie with popcorn and sodas and icees. the people i was with and i pictured jesus on the cross uttering "i thirst" and then the sound of someone slurping on an icee, exhaling loudly in refreshment, swishing the ice in their cup around. 040301
werewolf i also think i learned aramaic for ouch. 040301
white_wave the last supper = bon bons, nachos, and a large diet coke. 040301
grendel Fast-food tie-ins to go with the Nail pendants:

The Last Value Meal (collect a different Apostle with every meal)

The McJesus Meal: Supersize your salvation and get a free side order of crispy Saviour strips in our tangy new Blood of Christ sauce

The Pontius Pilate Pizza: Tasty but messy, you'll need to wash your hands afterwards
stork daddy the pontius pilate pizza is delicious. but please don't get me started. i WILL race you to hell.

me and my friends once discussed a religious theme park. there'd be confessionals after every ride that seemed a little too fun, the scary ride would be called vengeful god, and there'd be vendors with their most popular item, jesus on a stick (probably corndogs).
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