me go on then.
the worlds waiting.
just for you.
it's not all that funny, really.
not now. not when you think about the implications of all your sordid theories.
and mix them up with what you KNOW to be concrete. go on; the world's waiting for you (just you)
go on
don't be so selfish with your words.
googles of the friggin things.
googols grr
don't laugh at me. no, it's cruel.

i'm tired. moi aussi. au lit? mais je veux montgomerie
moi aussi. et je pesnse que c'est plus juste si'il reste avec moi ce soir. et, vu qu'il est moi... il est le mien; reste avec moi, reste dans mes bras ce soir. i dont want anything of urs. nothing. not one. i only want u for ur bear. (and ur words)

im gonna go 2 bed. i like bed- no1 wants anything. u can just sleep. or not. u no? n there r pillows. n a floor. more often carpeted than not. a not floor- v rare. ppeople ok i can i no. u cant. its mine. its all mine- to me-up2me-mine-4meyesitisformeitissurprisinglyhard2typeminusspaces.inoisedit.courseitstrue.
what's it to you?
who go