Shar I like biting. It's fun. The jaws like to work out. The toungue likes to feel skin.

There's nothing like chomping on flesh.
some weirdo woohoo! oral fixation! put things in my mouth! 000323
typhoid if you feel like biting something (or somebody), bite a banana ;) 000810
me I like to bite people.

Not in a sexy way, just biting them

If someone pisses me off I try to bite them

Sometimes I say, "can I bite you?" and they say, "sure, knock yourself out." and so I bite them, usualy on the shoulder.
jane i used to get in trouble for biting. a sticker for every day i didn't bite.
i told him this and he laughed.
"i bet you were a biter."
doesn't he understand it's childhood issues??
what's it to you?
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