yummyC you see my name
and think
all your biased thoughts
before you even peek
at what i have to say
and its nipping at my mind
and it hurts when you catch hold
and give me little nicknames
that scar me in obscure places.
first impressions
cannot be redone
and bridges can not be UN burned.
so I let you have your bias
which clothes me
from my honest nudity.
silentbob You're right. I automatically assume everything you do is cute, i'm just biased like that 020226
yummyC shuddup bobby, you are being too sweet for your own good. whoring your sweetness all over blather. tsk tsk. 020226
silentbob sowwy 020227
silentbob don't ask advice from me
you know how i'll answer
three words where_the_mind_goes magnetic biased 110317
what's it to you?
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