silentbob Let's talk about single ladies.
Let's talk about power.
Let's talk about the ways in which feminism is being unmade a dirty word.
Let's talk about a boss of her brand.
You can talk about objectification but maybe she is allowing you to objectify her.
I know you don't care too much but I still care.
Let's talk about an artist who, without promotion, mentioned on Instagram she had a new album on itunes and sold 1 million downloads in 6 days. Let's talk about an artist who waited until after every end of the year best-of was submitted and then dropped a bomb on the music industry. On a Thursday.
Let's talk about that music video where she makes the case for cunnilingus. Let's talk about the one where she talks about rockets into waterfalls.
Let's talk about the one where she's like, "That ain't nothin, i'm just jealous, i'm just human."
She is all things to all people.
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