stork daddy you're the best she said. don't you think? i don't know he said. at what? the best she said. well...i'm the best i'll ever had he joked. then after a while he said...i love you the best. she said...really? you don't have to say it if you don't mean it. she had given him an out...he knew it. she continued, if you never said it, i just wouldn't know, i'd never consider it. but he had wanted to say it, it was true in a sense. he just wasn't sure if his best was the best of others, if his best was what she expected a best to be. his best was complex, was a close call, was on the edge. but it was still his best. 040214
your guardian angel I hope and wish for you all the bested. I do believe that the bested girl you ever knew will find you soon. 040214
The Unnamed ... at every turn.

an amalgamation of uncertainties and defeats coating the mouth with an acrid taste
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