Quintessensual I think, therefore I be and have being, therefore I behave. 991105
Sintina Children behave!
that's what they say
when we're together.
And watch how you play!
they don't understand
and so we're running just
as fast as we can,
holding onto one another's
hand. Trying to get away
into the night...

Everything's so cut and dry,
day and night, earth and sky,
but somehow I just don't believe
in it!
Seems like I should be getting
somewhere, somehow I'm never here
nor there...

Poetry for the disobedient.
birdmad erratically 010201
: All things in moderation. 070210
nom beehive! 070210
fix in moderation, MODERATION !
~ meaning~ the action of making something less extreme, intense or violent !

oh pass me the bloody nut bowl.
what's it to you?
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