superleni a version of this you i'm in 130911
Strideo some say aversion leads to evasion
superleni or invasion :) 130911
unhinged you turned your head at the last second
my lips awkwardly landed on your cheek
so close to your lips
but i didnt extend the effort
to get my tongue in your mouth

( i was still thinking about
the kissless fuck
we had that morning)

i climbed out of the car
you had parked at a steep spot
as i walked across the street
i turned

you were fucking with your phone
looking off ahead
i turned when i got to the door

your car was still there
absent but still present
it started to roll forward
as i pulled the door open

i decided to take the stairs
instead of the elevator
i decided that was the last time
i would try to kiss you
what's it to you?
who go