me? - typhoid anubis shivers and tries to stay out of the rain.
the air smells funny... kinda like peaches and cream.
no, scratch that.
just rotting sewage, overflow because of the storms.
the drainage system isn't what it used to be, and probably never will again.
thoughts of warm food and shelter push him on.
Q is anubis a woman?
was the locust chocolate-covered?
ap3 Those powers made them everlasting obedient and consolidating subjects. 010507
god serial_pest inside the house of green light. critter of functional doom. a gremlin, a martyr 011225
the questioner What the hell is this all about anyway? I feel like I could write gibberish and it would fit right in here. Is that what this blathe is all about? Huh? 011226
advice try doing some research kiddo 011226
transcendental abuse department jackal headed god of death haviong a bad day on the superhighway between the abode of the living and some far flung nether shores 011227
Rael One Cloud Anubis is my favorite Egyptian god. =)
maenad he found me as a child. 040903
what's it to you?
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