Strideo Hello primitive people of the past!

I heard that you guys thought that colonizing Mars would be difficult. Peshaw! It was totally easy. Turns out just getting there was the hard part. So what about the thin cold atmosphere? Well, as the Gamulons from Gamulon Theta VI say "Humans are full of hot air" (and besides, if you think the cold thin atmosphere on Mars is unbearable you should meet my mother-in-law), and what about the weak gravity? That wasn't so bad, it helped a lot when we had to move our stuff, but given humanity's rising penchant for material goods it seems as though once we moved our stuff over we increased the planet's mass significantly. Oh well, the extra gravity helps hold all our hot air on the planet. Well, I'll let you archaic past people get back to churning butter or whatever you guys did.
Bye now.

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